How to Set up a Successful Sales Funnel for Your Online Courses

What Is A Sales Funnel?

  • A paid ad on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) or on Google
  • The landing page you have created to promote your online course
  • An article you have written on your blog that discusses the topic of your online course
  • A case study where you analyze the success story of a happy customer
  • A landing page featuring all the benefits a paid customer enjoys when enrolling in your online courses
  • A 1:1 or a group coaching session where you answer your potential learners’ FAQs.
  • Your online academy’s checkout page where potential customers will actually make the purchase by entering their payment details.
Image source: LearnWorlds blog
  • Your audience learns about your online courses
  • Your audience evaluates whether your online courses solve their problem (e.g., offer an extra skill, a certification, etc.)
  • Your audience decides whether to enroll in your online course or not -and perhaps even compares it with other similar courses offered by other academies,
  • Your audience enrolls in your online course, so they become your customers, and
  • You keep your customers engaged and interested in completing their online courses.‍

Is Your Online Course Business In Need Of A Sales Funnel?

The benefits of a successful sales funnel

  • Improved customer retention
  • Better lead nurturing
  • Optimized course content
  • Optimal scaling for your course business
  • Efficient forecasting

Is Your Online Course Business In Need Of A Sales Funnel?






Keeping Track Of Your Progress And Measuring Your Success


Total Sales

Conversion Rate

Cycle Time

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) & Lead Acquisition Cost (LAC)

Customer Lifetime Value

Final Thoughts



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